Plenum Void Concert Kyoto, July 14, 2011

The Plenum Void Concert in Kyoto was a Great Success!
The hall was totally packed. Many people came to see Christopher perform from other prefectures, including Tokyo, Kyushu and even Okinawa.
The audience was mesmerized yet energized even on cellular and DNA levels by the rhythmic soundscape with synced video.
Many people said they have never heard nor experienced such a musical performance.
This was the first official Plenum Void concert and I am sure many more will come.
With infinite gratitude to all the support staff and all the people who came.

Photography by Hideyori Tokuyoshi

Kyoto Concert Gallery 1

Kyoto Concert Gallery 2

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World Shift Osaka, November 13, 14, 2010

Christopher's performance at WorldShift Osaka was a great success.
The music started with a cosmic soundscape and gradually built up and climaxed with a rave type high energy groove.
The vibration emanating from the sound and the graphics definitely reached people's hearts.
Christopher looked amazing on stage in front of a large screen with animated CG synchronized with the music.
The audience was drawn into the world of sound and light created by Christopher. Very mesmerizing!

Christopher also gave a talk mainly to a youth audience about the box that people in our society live in.
His talk was not only about thinking outside the box but to remove the box.
Then people will realize that they have infinite possibilities. We heard lots of wonderful feedback.

Photograph by Takuma Kishimoto

Gallery Pics 1

Gallery Pics 2

Gallery Pics 3

Gallery Pics 4

Gallery Pics 5

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